Big List of Resources for
Design, Data & Code


ProPublica Data Institute Curriculum

Learning to Code

Scott Murray's D3 Turtorials

Jon Keefe's Mapping Tutorial

Something I wrote about learning to code.

Code with Me workshops, cheat sheets & online exercises

Michelle Minkoff's Graphing Tutorial

Communities & Behind the Scenes

NICAR, the NICAR-L listserv & the IRE/NICAR training events and conferences

Hacks/Hackers, which has meetup groups all over the country (and world!)

Knight-Mozilla OpenNews including the community/documentation project SOURCE and the Knight-Mozilla Fellowship

The ProPublica Nerd Blog

Bloomberg Businessweek Graphics Blog


Don't Fear the Internet Video Series

Let's make a webpage Tutorial

HTML Beginner Tutorial

CSS Beginner Tutorial

Intro to Web Fundamentals by Scott Murray

The 30 CSS Selectors you Must Memorize

Meet Your Web Inspector by Dan Nguyen

Make a Website From Scratch w/ Github

Data Vizualization:

Three Gifs for Better Data Viz

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to d3.js

One Chart, Twelve Tools

One Chart, Twelve Charting Libraries

Good Ol’ Excel Is The Ultimate Data Visualization Tool

Datawrapper: Create Charts and Maps

ChartBuilder: Make simple beautiful charts


Google Fusion Tables

Timeline JS


Story Maps

The Functional Art

Guardian Datablog

Flowing Data

Information Aesthetics


Visualising Data

Fell in Love with Data

Web Scraping

Dan Ngyuen's intro to web scraping

Chrome Extension Scraper

Other tools listed here.

Scraping guide from the Propublica nerds

Data & Excel

A few of my own tutorials on Google Spreadsheets, Excel, and more Excel.

MaryJo Webster's data journalism training materials, including Excel Magic: Tips and Tricks (here's the data to go with it).

A list of tutorials from last year's NICAR conference

Free & Cheap Tools for Wrangling Data

PDF to Excel Converter

Extract an HTML table to Google Docs

Google Refine

My Favorite (Excel) Things


Design for Journalists Curriculum

A Guide to Visual Design

Design Principles for News Apps and Graphics

The Non-Designers Design Book

A 20 Minute Intro to Typography Basics

Thinking with Type

The Art & Science of Communicating through Type

Five simple steps to better typography

Web Design is 95% Typography

Designing With Grid-Based Approach

Grid Anatomy

Kuler Color Wheel

Color Oracle


Illustrator Basics: A Tutorial

Illustrator Tools

Getting Started with Photoshop

Photoshop Tips & Tricks

How to Make Animated Gifs in Photoshop

I update and add to this list often. If you have questions or suggestions, feel free to get in touch: @lenagroeger