Let's Make a Gif: Measles Edition

1. Go to this Guardian interactive on measles.

2. Open up QuickTime, and select "New Screen Recording."

3. A little popup box will appear, click on the Red Record button to start recording.

4. But that doesn't actually start the recording, you have to select a viewport for your recording. Go ahead and do that. Then click "Start Recording."

5. After some seconds, hit the very difficult to find "Stop" button at the top of your screen.

6. Now save that movie recording to your Desktop.

7. Open up Photoshop, select Import > Video Frames to Layers.

8. You'll get a little slider where you can select precisely the seconds of video you want for your gif (smaller is better for loading times).

You should end up with this:

9. See all those layers? Those are all the frames of your little gif!

10. Ok, let's save this thing. Go to File > Save for Web

11. Make sure you have "Gif" as the format type, and that Looping Options are set to Forever. Save it!

12. Now, open up that gif in a browser. Happy giffing!