Intro to Data & Code

Lena Groeger, ProPublica, September 2015

1.Data Journalism: What is it & Why Should I Care?

2. How to Get Data From the Web

3. What to Do With Your Data

Resources, Tutorials, Etc

Learning to Code

Scott Murray's D3 Turtorials

Jon Keefe's Mapping Tutorial

Something I wrote about learning to code.

Code with Me workshops, cheat sheets & online exercises

Communities & Behind the Scenes

NICAR, the NICAR-L listserv & the NICAR 2016 conference

Hacks/Hackers, which has meetup groups all over the country (and world!)

Knight-Mozilla OpenNews including the community/documentation project SOURCE and the Knight-Mozilla Fellowship

The ProPublica Nerd Blog

Bloomberg Businessweek Graphics Blog


Don't Fear the Internet Video Series

Let's make a webpage Tutorial

HTML Beginner Tutorial

CSS Beginner Tutorial

Data Viz:

Good Ol’ Excel Is The Ultimate Data Visualization Tool



Google Fusion Tables

Timeline JS

Web Scraping

Dan Ngyuen's intro to web scraping

Chrome Extension Scraper

Other tools listed here.

Data & Excel

A few of my own tutorials on Google Spreadsheets, Excel, and more Excel.

MaryJo Webster's data journalism training materials, including Excel Magic: Tips and Tricks (here's the data to go with it).

A list of tutorials from last year's NICAR conference


A Guide to Visual Design

Design Principles for News Apps and Graphics

The Non-Designers Design Book


Illustrator Basics: A Tutorial

Illustrator Tools